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Organizers Helpdesk is an innovative online platform by Concerted Action offering dedicated support and training for digital organizing tools, websites and platforms. We understand that to win campaigns and achieve organizing goals you need your technological tools to run smoothly. With our platform you can reach out to us whenever a problem arises or you have a question and receive a timely response. 

Organizers Helpdesk is perfect for unions and progressive organizations with large volunteer bases and staffs large and small. We provide a responsive support system that is accessible through various communication channels, with rapid responses to client requests and training to increase online organizing capacity. You’ll be connected with experienced digital organizers and technologists who are able to tackle diverse technological and organizing challenges.

Our expertise allows your campaign to focus on the most important work: organizing.

Plans To Fit Your Needs


On-call support for the following critical digital organizing tools: Action Network, GetThru, and New/Mode.


Go beyond the basics with these next-level digital organizing tools: Action Builder, Phone2Action, Union Hall, VAN, WordPress.

Customized Trainings

As an add-on we can also offer ongoing trainings customized to your organization’s evolving needs.

Who is Concerted Action?

We are skilled and experienced organizers who know that the future of organizing will be powered by effective digital tools. Our firm helps organizations manage their digital campaigns and strengthen their on-the-ground organizing efforts.

Over the past 6 years we’ve provided technical and organizing support to a wide range of organizations, including the AFL-CIO, Common Cause, the Poor People’s Campaign and the United Steelworkers.

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